Howdilly Twodilly album review

Having handled album reviews for many years now I find I only have so much time to properly listen to an album and review it.  One determination I've used to whittle through all the albums that come across my desk is band name.  If a band has some cheesy-ass name I automatically give it a pass.  I mean, if a band can't come up with a decent name in my mind the effort put into the music most likely is sub-par.  Well, this long standing decision maker of mine will no longer be used.  

Out on March 29th is the second full-length album "Howdilly Twodilly"from the band "Okilly Dokilly".  the self-described "Nedal" metalcore band from Arizona.  Taking their look from the tv series "The Simpsons", these Ned Flanders look a likes perform music that's as heavy as Flanders is religious!!

"Howdilly Twodilly" starts with the crusher "Reneducation", the music video for which can be viewed here:  Solid thrash tune with death metal vocals.  Fans of The Simpsons will remember "Reneducation" was part of one of the Halloween of Horror episodes!  Okilly Dokilly pull their song ideas from the long history of our favorite animated christian.  

Another example is the song "Murder House".  You remember the episode.  Marge Simpson was a realtor and Flanders put in offer in on the "Murder House".  For this song, Okilly Dokilly ingeniously use clean vocals and angelic music for the verses (which describe Flanders' intentions in house hunting) then flip a dark-demonic switch to introduce the "Murder House".  Classic episode, classic tune!

"Murdiddlyurdeler"  is a violent take on the unfortunate circumstance Flanders found himself in  when caring for Maude's flowers when she was out of town.  The song has a killer bass line and the power chords and definitely head-bang worthy.  The inner voice of Flanders appears as the lyrics softly describe his inner disbelief to what has happened only to be forded aside by the brutallty that Okilly Dokilly does so well.

Okilly Dokilly kick off their Howdilly Twodilly Tourdilly on April 4th in Des Moines, IA.  For info on the album and to view all tour dates head over to Springfield...I mean Facebook at