Concert review - Winter Tour 2020, 1/23/20 Allentown, PA

Allentown, PA scored the opening night show for Korn's Winter Tour 2020 which features support from Breaking Benjamin and Bones UK.  Korn is on the road as they continue to promote their latest album "The Nothing" which was released last September.

Last year Korn celebrated 25 years together and over that time they've released thirteen albums, building a catalog of hits that fans who attend their concerts lose their minds over.  Tonight's show started with a white curtain hiding the stage.  Once the house lights went dark the image from the cover of "The Nothing" appeared on the curtain, larger than life size.  As soon as the band started into "Here to Stay" the curtain dropped and there they were; Head, Fieldy, Ray, Jonathan, and Munky...KORN!!  The band's touring keyboardist Davey Oberlin rounded out the lineup.

One thing that always impresses me about Korn is how they perfectly pull off their unique sound live.  You immediately know a Korn song when you hear it and man when you hear that heavy thump from Fieldy's bass added to Ray's kick drums and the guitar crunch from Head and Munky's time to rock!!  As unique and crushing as "Shoots and Ladders" is on record, live it's badass ten fold with the addition of a creepy "London Bridge" intro pumped through the house system and the band blending in Metallica's "One" in at the end.

"Rotting in Vain", "Freak on a Leash", "Blind", "Got The Life" killed tonight as did new songs "Can You Hear Me", "Cold", and "You'll Never Find Me".  And for the encore?  How about "4 U", "Twist", "Coming Undone", and "Falling Away From Me".  I know, killer set!!

If you plan on attending this tour make sure to get in early to catch supporting acts Bones UK (very impressive) and the one and only Breaking Benjamin! The tour continues through February and wraps up on March 1st.

Set LIst

Here to Stay



Rotting in Vain

You'll Never Find Me

Shoots and Ladders

Got The Life

Can You Hear Me

Make Me Bad


Freak on a Leash


4 U


Coming Undone

Falling Away From Me

Korn is:

Jonathan Davis - vocals

Brian "Head" Welch - guitar

James "Munky" Shaffer - guitar

Reginald "Fieldy" Arvizu - bass

Ray Luzier - drums